Wi-Fi Router

Liberty Link offers, and recommends, a managed wireless router. Our managed wireless routers interoperate with our fixed wireless antennas and fiber optic media converters. They include wide-area coverage beyond regular Wi-Fi routers, 3 Gigabit ports for wired device connections and broadcast on 2.4 and 5 Ghz bands simultaneously.

Have your own router?

No problem! We can help you configure your router to connect to the internet. However, we will only be able to verify it’s connection after installation. Any other troubleshooting would incur a service fee.

Wireless APs

Have a larger home or business that needs more than our standard Wi-Fi router to get Wi-Fi coverage? We also offer wireless access points.

These Wireless APs are high-performance access points that are perfect for extending Wi-Fi to the far end of your home or ensuring that your business has a reliable, enterprise level wireless network.

For businesses, they also provide the capability to offer your customers a public Wi-Fi network.

For parents, these Wireless APs provide you the ability to have a separate Wi-Fi network for your children that allows you to teach healthy technology habits by limiting the times they can connect to the Internet – without also limiting your access.



Are we only able to get a signal from your shop or barn? Do you want Wi-Fi in your shop, barn or other out building?* We offer managed Point-to-Point wireless hardware as well.

These Point-to-Point radios link buildings at gigabit speeds with low latency making them just as effective as a physical Ethernet cable.



*Wireless AP also required for Wi-Fi. Power needs to be available in both buildings.

CBRS Fixed Wireless

In some cases, trees might obscure a clear line of sight between your home or business and our tower sites. We now offer CBRS fixed wireless which can connect through trees much better than traditional fixed wireless equipment.

Because of a few other uses, these frequencies are licensed by the FCC. This license requires us to actively monitor individual devices more closely than our other fixed wireless equipment. It also requires us to ensure that we are connected to a national database that coordinates who is using the freqencies and where they can use them. In turn, we are required to pay for a system that connects to this database.

Public IP Address

If you have a camera system, video gaming, smart home systems, or other systems that need to be accessible from outside your home, we can provide you with a public IP address.

By default, we do not provide a public IP address. This is due to a few reasons: 1) The available number of public IPv4 addresses is drying up globally. 2) Public IP addresses are expensive for us and in order to keep costs low, we only provide as needed.

Backup Power

If you would like your internet to stay online through brief power flashes or short outages we offer a small Uninteruptable Power Supply (UPS) management service.